SUGUK Cambridge 23rd November

I’m speaking at the SharePoint User Group in Cambridge on the 23th November.  I belive its at the Holiday Inn which is the usual venue for SUGUK events.

There will be two session, to be confirmed but my own will be on Costing SharePoint Projects with Azure Machine Learning .

Costing SharePoint projects, or any projects for that matter can be really difficult, but what if you could simplify that dramatically by looking at data science and Azure?

Bring on Azure Machine Learning (AML) and you suddenly have an opportunity to amalgamate your legacy cost information to better predict future outlay for pretty much anything...

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SUGUK London – November 24th

I’m speaking at the SharePoint User Group in London on the 24th November at the new Microsoft Offices in Paddington.

There will be two session, to be confirmed but my own will be on Compliance in Office 365 and Azure.

The session provides a top down view of the Office 365 Compliance Center. A business and operations focused session describing why we need to understand the key aspects of this service around archiving and retention, e-discovery, advanced e-discovery and audit. The session considers not only the features in Office 365, but the issue of legality, EU Compliance and the EU-US Privacy Shield, data sovereignty and the possible impact of Brexit on service owners...

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Anywhere, always-on mobile productivity

If your not bought into the value of Cloud services just yet, a significant underpinning benefit of a comprehensive Cloud strategy is the ability for a more mobile workforce, with tooling accessible from anywhere on any device.

Of course this does require a step change in how apps are produced, and business such as banks or other highly regulated industries looking to move to a more cloud world have the challenge of App refactoring so their apps work in the cloud, coupled with a raft of new concerns around security and compliance.

Familiar tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, Skype for Business, and Office 365 stay with employees throughout the day...

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The miracle of the five loaves and two fish

Well, who’d have thought things would be so quickly heading into the world of AI!  Twitter’s acquisition of Magic Pony in 2015 was just the beginning of Silicon Valley’s hunger to buy anything in the machine learning space.  More fish and loaves are needed, as we have a disturbing famine of Computer Scientists, especially with knowledge of the ML and the AI space.

Microsoft are moving around some 5,000 computer scientists and engineers to focus on the company’s AI product efforts. This will accelerate the delivery of new capabilities to customers across agents, apps, services and infrastructure.  This will be their new direction, and new faith.  We just need to keep down the costs of feeding and watering them!

Its a cool move and if they get it right they will build the most powerfu...

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Is Microsoft Winning the Cloud Services Race?

You should go and grab a copy of the Cloud and Infrastructure Review 2016.  Its  well put together report on the state of the market and will help you in leading dialogue with clients when your trying to reinforce their cloud first strategy.

There are some very revealing confirmations within it, although you need to do a deep read of it as it has some excellent stats and business considerations in it.

“Fifty-two per cent of respondents told us that their cloud strategies were part of a wider digital transformation strategy”.  Most businesses don’t approach implementation like that, its all bottom up and revolves around discussions about VMs, storage volume etc, even if the intent is to be top down.  Make sure your conversations are about business change and enablers.

“SaaS was still ...

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Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and the Brexit problem

While we knew this was coming along, the actual formal release of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 hosting in UK only data centers can be seen as a game changer in light of future Brexit strategy for most organizations with a UK presence or European presence who want to use Azure or Office 365 at scale and as devolved Cloud services in a Hybrid or dedicated Cloud strategy.

Coupled with the recent General Data Protection Regulation which activated in May 2016 and will apply to all business from May 2018;  Alongside this the Privacy Shield replaces Safe Harbour complicates the matter and will force many businesses to reconsider their hosting strategies.

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SharePoint Goes Mobile

Many would argue this isn’t really a new thing and some will even tell you they spent a fortune on making SharePoint responsive and thus have a great mobile experience.  Its all tosh as we have kinda struggled with mobile access to SharePoint since its inception as a product.

Well, its set to change with SharePoint 2016 with a suite of new SharePoint apps for iphone and Android.  We could finally see full access to files, calendars, announcements and news feed, from any device.

One to read about:


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IT Community Roadshows

The IT Community Roadshow is a series of free training events focusing on next-generation technologies including Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, and DevOps. The sessions will focus on real-world challenges, along with a comprehensive set of solutions and expert guidance.

What you’ll get:

These unique events are led by the community, and designed to offer all who attend the skills and real world knowledge to work with tomorrow’s technology. All sessions will feature live demos, and you may receive a free Microsoft Azure pass for some courses.

Hear about the latest technology from some of the best technical community experts in the country:

In just one free, half or full day technical training event, you’ll discover how to build a more flexible infrastructure with Open Source (OSS), Microsoft...

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PowerApps is here

I’ve been involved in the closed pilot around PowerApps and finally the information about it is going public.

PowerApps is an enterprise service for innovators everywhere to connect, create and share business apps with your team on any device in minutes. And PowerApps helps anyone in your organization unlock new business agility.

PowerApps will dramatically accelerate how business apps are built, reducing time to solution from weeks or months to minutes and empowering a new category of app creators. It balances power between IT and business users, arming those closest to business needs with tools and services to not just envision but also implement the solution...

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Supporting material for the Rethinking Project Cost blog posting

Supporting material for the Rethinking Project Cost blog posting:

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