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A better way to customize SharePoint 2013

If you are a Dev, IT Pro or a SOLA this is of interest.  If you happen to be an EA then acquire the knowledge to challenge the facts presented to you by your team by getting a head start on understanding the complexities of moving from solutions to the app model.

Join Senior Product Marketing Manager, Keenan Newton, and special guest Partner Director of Apps Program Management, Robert Lefferts on May 20, as Microsoft kicks off a new site centered around migrating SharePoint solutions to apps.


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SharePoint Project Management Slide Deck

For those of you who attended the London or Southampton SharePoint User Group, thanks so much for coming along and I sincerely hope you found it useful.

As promised, here is the link to the slide deck on SkyDrive.

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SharePoint Incident Mangement

There is a huge difference between incident management and problem management, and I still constantly come across people who get the two confused.

Without getting too technical an incident is something that can be easily resolved, if not resolved then worked around and it can be a recurring thing with a known resolution, and thats OK.  Many a SharePoint system runs fine with incidents regularly occuring, as long a you have a well trained support team and good support tooling.

Lots of connected incidents can usually be grouped into a problem and problems are much more serious when you have people who don’t clearly know the difference as you end up with scattergun approach to resolution where they try and deal with it...

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SUGUK London

Come and hear me speak about Project Management at the SharePoint User Group at Microsoft in London.  It’s free!

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Office 365 Software Boundaries

Ooooh! It’s like something new and shiny!

The boundaries for Office 365 for SharePoint 2013 plans,

  • SharePoint Online for Office 365 Small Business
  • SharePoint Online for Office 365 Mid-size Business
  • SharePoint Online for Office 365 Enterprise, Education, and Government

Top notch information if you happen to be into this level of details, whihc I am and you really should be.

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Speaking at SharePoint Evolutions 2013

I’m getting a little excited now about the Evolution conference in April.  The speaker list is immense and the topics being covered means that everyone attending will learn something.

If you happen to be going, please come and say hello.

SharePoint Evolution Banner

SharePoint Evolution Banner

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Moved my Blog Site

Hi, I’ve just moved to a new hoster, so my blog postings are not yet moved across.  Bear with me and I’ll get all that information back online asap.

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PowerShell, It’s everywhere

Love it or hate it, you cannot avoid it.  if you are expecting to do any work in SharePoint 2013 then you simply need to have skills in Powershell, or at least a working knowledge of its capabilities.

Let’s assume you need to get out some stats because your manager is knocking on your door asking for Usage Reports.  These can be found under Site Settings -> Site Administration ->Popularity Trends -> View Usage Reports.

They are though a little constrained but you can get deep and dirty with powershell.  The web contains many a fine example of how to get more granular  (Example below is taken from the Technet forums so credit to R Tut)

Get the Usage Reports for a site collection in PoweShell

$searchApp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication

$site = Get-SPSite “{SiteUrl}”

$result = $...

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