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The MVP Cloud OS Roadshow

What started in the UK has grown to encompass more than 20 countries including Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and North America. Each MVP led event delivers a series of real-world scenarios that demonstrate how to integrate the Cloud OS into the constantly changing landscape of IT Professionals and Developers.

Don’t miss these expert led sessions, see where you should be to move your knowledge forward.

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What would be reasons to develop SharePoint Apps?

A really good debate sprouted up in Facebook recently, stated by SharePoint guru, pin-up and conference legend Christina Wheeler when she asked the interesting question:

“For customers that are on-premises only what would be reasons to develop SharePoint Apps versus farm solutions?”

Talk about crowd storming! This turned into a fascinating but short brain dump of some world leading SharePoint experts. Just too good a piece of collective guidance to ignore!

Before we get into the responses, what exactly is an App? The official line reads something like “Apps for SharePoint are easy-to-use, lightweight web applications that integrate popular web standards and technologies to extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website.”

Hmm, the campaign for plain English would be enamored with ...

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