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Tech Days Online UK

There is a very special edition of Tech Days Online coming up.  If you are unfamiliar with these sessions it is a series of free digital events about the latest Microsoft technology.  This time delivered from the Microsoft UK Campus on June 2nd, 3rd and 4th:

As well as a keynote, there are at least 15 deep dive sessions:

  • Community keynote sessions with respected industry figures showcasing what others are doing with Microsoft Azure
  • Deep technical sessions spanning Azure 101, Apps & Architecture, Data & Machine Learning and Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps delivered by Microsoft UK experts
  • The opportunity to ask your questions to all of our experts though live Q&A
  • A live mystery Microsoft Azure challenge and a competition to win a drone

(I’ll be entering that so you don’t need to bother!)

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Whats New in SharePoint 2016

So, not much in me trying to trump the mighty Bill Baer and Seth Patton in telling you whats on the horizon for 2016, given their session from Ignite is recorded.  This is the session you need to watch:

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Azure Sexy services

The range of Azure services is growing very rapidly.  A couple of the vast list are really quite interesting indeed if your an IT Pro, or an Enterprise Architect.

Azure HDInsight brings an Apache Hadoop solution to Azure, allowing us to connect data sources like SharePoint (yes – a data source!) to gain value from all of that potential Big Data you have stored within it as a cloud-based data platform, and it can pretty much manage data of any type and any size.

Azure Machine Learning (AML) allows you to easily design, test, operationalize and manage predictive analytic solutions in the cloud.  So, take your data from SharePoint and feed to to Azure for consumption by AML, you can do some really amazing prediction with this tool – and it actually works...

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