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Host Named Site Collections

Spencer Harber has a new article on Technet, and it’s a fantastic explanation of how (and more importantly when) to use host named site collections.  I won’t repeat any of what he has already said, as it’s very well described.

Go read it:


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Office Web Apps Server is a new Office server product that delivers browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. It compliments SharePoint 2013 very well, but if your unfamilair with it, there is a fair bit of learning to go with it.  Office Web Apps can be used on devices such as Windows Phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows 8 tablets, and Android devices.


Ddeploying OWA takes some complex planning.  Microsoft has deployed Office Web Apps Server by using a topology that can support 200,000 users and based on our performance tests, an Office Web Apps Server, with two Intel Xeon processors (8 cores), 8 GB of RAM, and a 60 GB hard disk, should support up to 10,000 users where most of the usage is viewing...

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A better way to customize SharePoint 2013

If you are a Dev, IT Pro or a SOLA this is of interest.  If you happen to be an EA then acquire the knowledge to challenge the facts presented to you by your team by getting a head start on understanding the complexities of moving from solutions to the app model.

Join Senior Product Marketing Manager, Keenan Newton, and special guest Partner Director of Apps Program Management, Robert Lefferts on May 20, as Microsoft kicks off a new site centered around migrating SharePoint solutions to apps.


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MySite Theme Changes – newsfeed not picking that up!

Been having an issue with mysite themes in a demo rig I have configured.  Oddly the ribbon is showing no color, therefore the links to skydrive etc. are showing as white on white (took me a while to spot it was there at all).

Anyway – it is possible to re-theme the mysite by manually activating design gallery (I was logged in as administrator but you can change that to any mysite user name) via the following URL and pick a new theme


Got it I thought, silly me!

Whats odd is, that the newsfeed doesn’t adopt the changed theme, so I’m stuck with a partially working and mis-themed 2013 setup and I have no idea how it got broken to begin with.

One to file as a bug with Microsoft methinks!.

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