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IT Community Roadshows

The IT Community Roadshow is a series of free training events focusing on next-generation technologies including Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, and DevOps. The sessions will focus on real-world challenges, along with a comprehensive set of solutions and expert guidance.

What you’ll get:

These unique events are led by the community, and designed to offer all who attend the skills and real world knowledge to work with tomorrow’s technology. All sessions will feature live demos, and you may receive a free Microsoft Azure pass for some courses.

Hear about the latest technology from some of the best technical community experts in the country:

In just one free, half or full day technical training event, you’ll discover how to build a more flexible infrastructure with Open Source (OSS), Microsoft...

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Access Apps and Language Packs

install SharePoint2013 Server 2013 in your native language – in my case English.

Configure SharePoint for building Access Apps (

Create a new Access App, test it as working

Install a language pack (you should have done this first by the way – not after you had started using SharePoint but we do occasionally consume/partner with other companies and face this stuff).

Created a second Access App and you will find it fails to initiate correctly even although the first app works fine still.

So, SharePoint initially creates a web for the Access-App with the initial locale of your native install whihc in this case is “en-US”...

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Barcelona – done and dusted

So we are done with ESPC Barcelona, next is the SharePoint roadshow.  If you want my decks from Barcelona you can grab them off OneDrive here.!163

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The MVP Cloud OS Roadshow

What started in the UK has grown to encompass more than 20 countries including Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and North America. Each MVP led event delivers a series of real-world scenarios that demonstrate how to integrate the Cloud OS into the constantly changing landscape of IT Professionals and Developers.

Don’t miss these expert led sessions, see where you should be to move your knowledge forward.

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What would be reasons to develop SharePoint Apps?

A really good debate sprouted up in Facebook recently, stated by SharePoint guru, pin-up and conference legend Christina Wheeler when she asked the interesting question:

“For customers that are on-premises only what would be reasons to develop SharePoint Apps versus farm solutions?”

Talk about crowd storming! This turned into a fascinating but short brain dump of some world leading SharePoint experts. Just too good a piece of collective guidance to ignore!

Before we get into the responses, what exactly is an App? The official line reads something like “Apps for SharePoint are easy-to-use, lightweight web applications that integrate popular web standards and technologies to extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website.”

Hmm, the campaign for plain English would be enamored with ...

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SharePoint on WII Console

Ever tried to view office 365 from a WII console. In a world of bring your own device, it seems it does not work on a Gecko browser as while it degrades the view to I’m not sure what, the menu’s do not function so you cannot navigate about. I wonder what device it thinks it is trying to render against.

A fun, but pointless experiment only proving that as a kiosk device, WII consoles are not a good option for loading content stored in Office 365 SharePoint sites.

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Bring Your Own Disaster

If you attended SPSUK and were looking for a copy of the slides from my presentation on Bring Your Own Disaster then you can find them in my Skydrive public folder.!163


Incidentally, if you are are getting a message saying “sorry word web app ran into a problem opening this pdf” it is an incompatibility with PDF’s created from Office tools that OWA doesn’t appear to like. MS could do with a KB on this actually given it is an incompatibility with their own Office products.

If you are seeing that, just right click on the PDF and download or grab the PDF from the link as it is a perfectly normal PDF – just OWA having some glitches since the last update.

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Free Microsoft Books

A shiny new collection of absolutely FREE Microsoft eBooks published by Eric Ligman from Microsoft.  I specifically like the Test Lab Guide: eBook for SharePoint Server 2013 Intranet and Team Sites.  Yummee!!!


You can find the whole collection listed in MSDN, it would be rude of me to not point you at it:

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Host Named Site Collections

Spencer Harber has a new article on Technet, and it’s a fantastic explanation of how (and more importantly when) to use host named site collections.  I won’t repeat any of what he has already said, as it’s very well described.

Go read it:


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Office Web Apps Server is a new Office server product that delivers browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. It compliments SharePoint 2013 very well, but if your unfamilair with it, there is a fair bit of learning to go with it.  Office Web Apps can be used on devices such as Windows Phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows 8 tablets, and Android devices.


Ddeploying OWA takes some complex planning.  Microsoft has deployed Office Web Apps Server by using a topology that can support 200,000 users and based on our performance tests, an Office Web Apps Server, with two Intel Xeon processors (8 cores), 8 GB of RAM, and a 60 GB hard disk, should support up to 10,000 users where most of the usage is viewing...

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