Access Apps and Language Packs

install SharePoint2013 Server 2013 in your native language – in my case English.

Configure SharePoint for building Access Apps (

Create a new Access App, test it as working

Install a language pack (you should have done this first by the way – not after you had started using SharePoint but we do occasionally consume/partner with other companies and face this stuff).

Created a second Access App and you will find it fails to initiate correctly even although the first app works fine still.

So, SharePoint initially creates a web for the Access-App with the initial locale of your native install whihc in this case is “en-US”.  Thats now not valid as you have installed a language pack – Access web is confused which means you now need to update the language of the app web as the language of the site is stored at SP Web level.

It is stored in database in the AllWebs table and the only wy to fix this appears to be by applying a small hack to the contentdb “dbo.AllWebs”using a SQL query.


Ideally, you need You need to modify two specific attributes so look for “language” and “locale”  in the contentDB and change the values from the install value (so 1033 (en-US)) to the locale for your language pack. Dutch for example is 1043.

To change the language in database you need to fire following Query:

For changing the language of all sites in to ‘Dutch’ language:
UPDATE dbo.AllWebs SET Language = 1043

Changing the language of one site collection: (Dutch language)
UPDATE dbo.AllWebs SET Language = 1043 WHERE SiteId = [[SiteCollectionId]]

Changing the language of a single web or subsite: (Dutch language)
UPDATE dbo.AllWebs SET Language = 1043 WHERE Id = [[WebId]]

I’d suggest you take a backup of the DB first, as this isn’t supported by Microsoft.  If you happen to be an organization who uses the Microsoft RAP service then you’ll get found out and it may invalidate your support contract.

However, while this isn’t supported – powershell manipulation of the locale and language now is.  So you would be better off following this example and using the information above to help debug your specific problem: