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Moved my Blog Site

Hi, I’ve just moved to a new hoster, so my blog postings are not yet moved across.  Bear with me and I’ll get all that information back online asap.

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SharePoint 2013 Personal Sites Creation bad Throughput

So, MVP Wictor Willen has discovered a nice flaw in the performance capability of personal sites, in that a farm can only create about 300 sites per hour.  My latest client has 170,000 or so users, that’s a challenge waiting for a solution and destined to create a number of late nights and some nifty powershell scripting.

Read Wictors excellent post here:

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Sharepoint Keywords, tags and hash-tags

What a mess is emerging around Keywords, tags and hash-tags in SharePoint 2013.  I’m not going to repeat what others have so nicely already said so will direct you to a first rate post by Jasper Oosterveld that explains it so well.

Quodos to Jasper for putting the time in to thrash this post put, I would have given up and thrown in a support call to MS.

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