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Task List Column Permissions

Let’s say you have a task list with 5 column names say Task Name, Start Date, End Date, Status, % Complete.  When a task for a resource us assigned they should be able to modify only Status and % Complete, he should not be able to modify the name start date or End Date.  Given your in Office 365 you are ideally looking for a no-code solution.

Look to jquery. Copy the below script to a content editor web part and add that web part to the edit item form of your task list by editing the edit form page.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

$(document).ready(function() {

$(‘input[title=”Client Name”]’).attr(‘readonly’, true);
$(‘input[title=”Community Name”]’).attr(‘readonly’, true);


Here “Client Name” and “Community Name” are the fields display names on the form, which you do not wa...

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Migration Gotcha – app icons

When you use database attach to migrate from MOSS 2007 to SP 2010 and then to SP 2013, you will find that everything looks fine except when go to Site Contents page, the app icons will look like a mix of 2007 and 2013 versions. This is entirely normal and is expected behavior.

Remember that  the migrated content is based on the list templates that were used when the items were initially created. So anything upgraded will normally show the old icons to repesent the apps as they are still using the old list templates.

The icons that SharePoint uses are generated when a colour theme is applied to a site. Items such as an edit icon will be controlled by a particular colour reference in the spcolor file so best you should do is retheme them.

Although you can find the icons in \Program Files\Co...

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Community Sites and forcing approval

Some one said to me that they could not seem to find anything regarding how to moderate a SharePoint 2013 Community Site.  Is it possible to moderate the List in the event someone posts nasty or offensive language for example?

Add an approval workflow to the list. Set it up so that the workflow is triggered when a new item is added. That way the items won’t show up until you approve them first.

Old school really, simple 3 stage approval workflows still have great value OOTB with 2013.

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