Task List Column Permissions

Let’s say you have a task list with 5 column names say Task Name, Start Date, End Date, Status, % Complete.  When a task for a resource us assigned they should be able to modify only Status and % Complete, he should not be able to modify the name start date or End Date.  Given your in Office 365 you are ideally looking for a no-code solution.

Look to jquery. Copy the below script to a content editor web part and add that web part to the edit item form of your task list by editing the edit form page.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

$(document).ready(function() {

$(‘input[title=”Client Name”]’).attr(‘readonly’, true);
$(‘input[title=”Community Name”]’).attr(‘readonly’, true);


Here “Client Name” and “Community Name” are the fields display names on the form, which you do not want to edit. As the page owner, you can add multiple fields following this approach.
Cumbersome, but workable in isolated cases.  Credit to Dinesh Narayanasa for the suggestion.