Office Web Apps and IOS7 Keyboard Crash

Running Office Web Apps with IOS7. Expect a few issues! When you access a SharePoint 2013 site and want to edit a MS Word document the documents opens but you cannot insert text through the ipad virtual keyboard.

It seems that the recent upgrade to IOS 7 causes problems for the Word Office Web Apps 2013 Editor and crashes the virtual keyboard. A Dec 2013 CU for SP2013/OWA2013 is in the pipeline but if you like many cannot wait then perhaps test using the iphone office mobile app on ipad as a workaround. The app is compatible with iPhone 4 and up, and with the 3rd generation iPad and up and the iPad mini too.

Its not as feature rich as office web apps is, and you will need to 2X the app as you do with most phone apps on ipad.