I’m speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2014

The European SharePoint Conference is less than three weeks away and I’m delighted to be part of such an exceptional line up. The conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain from the 5-8th May 2014 and is Europe’s largest SharePoint event bringing you great sessions and the latest innovations from Vegas.

Browse through the superb conference programme including 110 sessions, keynotes, and tutorials, including topics covering the latest news from SPC14 including what’s new with SharePoint 2013 SP1 – Office Graph/Oslo – new Office 365 REST APIs – Access Apps – Cloud Business Apps.

I will be conducting two sessions on “Lessons Learned to Avoid the Pitfalls of Failed SharePoint Projects” and “Bring Your Own Device, Or Bring Your Own Disaster”.

“Lessons Learned to Avoid the Pitfalls of Failed SharePoint Projects”

“Based on experiences acquired in the real-world delivery and assurance of some of the largest SharePoint programmes in the world, this session draws on the speakers experience in the field and the pain suffered in getting delivery right. The session highlights many of the things that catch projects out and in fact caught us out. It covers best practice approaches we took to ensure it all goes well and shows methods that work in trying to deliver SharePoint into a business, and how diverse our thinking now must be. Much of the experience is drawn from the delivery of E-Cloud, the UK Government flagship SharePoint build, and other key international large scale programmes of work. As we move more towards a hybrid world in SharePoint 2013 and the consumption of PaaS, IaaS and SaaS, these lessons become all the more important in helping you ensure your delivery succeeds..”

“Bring Your Own Device, Or Bring Your Own Disaster”

“How do you approach BYOD in a changing world where we are all expecting to access SharePoint from any device, any Operating System and from any location? This session considers the thinking and approach needed to introduce a BYOD strategy into your organisation. The session considers the evolving market, thoughts around cloud and commodity storage, what SharePoint brings to the table, and how to approach formulating a SharePoint 2013 BYOD strategy to keep your organisation safe, satisfy the demands of end users, and understand the operational and people challenges emerging in an ever changing, rapidly evolving multi-device world. “

The European SharePoint Conference will be run over four days and with over 1000 SharePoint attendee’s already signed up don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to mingle with the European SharePoint Community.

If you want to deepen your SharePoint expertise, to understand the trend of the SharePoint market, and to learn how to leverage Microsoft Office 365 for your business, including the revolutionary Enterprise Social wave, the European SharePoint Conference is the best place to be in 2014!