Evolutions Roadshow

So, its really unusual for me to steal another MVP’s words of wisdom, but I was sat on a beach in Dubai when this posting appeared in my Facebook feed and just though, you know – it deserves a bit more than a simple mention!

You should attend the SharePoint Evolutions Roadshow?

The Evolution Tour brings the conference to you and gives you the option of purchasing one day at a time.  You’re in control of the amount of time and money you invest, and its worth noting that the price of a one day conference pass is significantly lower than that of the average daily cost of a traditional conference.

Evolutions events, arranged by Combined Knowledge (the leading SharePoint training provider I might add and a company I use professionally) are renowned world wide for the quality of the content.   The team behind these events have been at the heart of the  global SharePoint community and industry for many, many years.  They understand the market, the technology, and the community.  The speakers are selected because of their knowledge, experience, and ability to tell great stories and share their expertise.  The evolution speakers have worn out the T-Shirt delivering SharePoint.  As an example I’m delivering what I think is the toughest Global SharePoint Hybrid challenge worldwide outside of Office 365, to some 300,000 users – there is merit to that story, tears and skinned knees worthy of sharing!

The Evolutions events were one of the first in the world to include dedicated business tracks for non-technical content.  An idea soon adopted by everyone else, including Microsoft for their SharePoint conference.  This year’s roadshow format is an excellent innovation and one I am proud to support.

The Evolutions events are not driven by profit.  Speaker expenses are covered, which is not unique as I have been privileged to speak at Connections in Amsterdam for the last two years which also covers expenses for the speakers.  At both of these events this demonstrates the commitment of the organizers to ensure only the best speakers are sharing heir experiences with you.  As an attendee you’ll also see evidence of the not-for-profit motivation in the quality of the venues, catering and social events.

Yes, I (like Symon who is the author of some of the text I have rather blatantly stolen) am speaking on the tour, and yes of course  I have a vested in interest in promoting the event as I’m speaking on three different topics in Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh.   For me, the Evolutions team create differentiation which is why I also use them as a training provider for my own staff.

This isn’t the only event of the year, but it will be one of the most inventive and an event where the speakers are all passionate about supporting it.  You should come along and if you happen to be in my session introduce yourself, it would be lovely to meet you.

You can read Symon’s source posting or this on his own blog: http://www.symongarfield.me.uk/why-should-you-attend-the-sharepoint-evolution-conference-roadshow/