SUGUK London – November 24th

I’m speaking at the SharePoint User Group in London on the 24th November at the new Microsoft Offices in Paddington.

There will be two session, to be confirmed but my own will be on Compliance in Office 365 and Azure.

The session provides a top down view of the Office 365 Compliance Center. A business and operations focused session describing why we need to understand the key aspects of this service around archiving and retention, e-discovery, advanced e-discovery and audit.

The session considers not only the features in Office 365, but the issue of legality, EU Compliance and the EU-US Privacy Shield, data sovereignty and the possible impact of Brexit on service owners. If you work in a regulated industry and are considering or have already adopted Office 365 and Azure then this is a must see session to ready you for a compliant business.

The registration details are here:

We will host an Ask the Experts session following the event, so ready your most challenging issues even if they are not connceted to Compliance and we’ll see if they can be addressed.

The event is SOLD OUT, but I understand there are going to be a new tranch of tickets released soon – so check back often.