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Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) provides a solution to help protect your organization from advanced attacks. Its sofyware, that sits within your network and monitors your users and systems normal usage patterns and alerts you for something that appears to be out of the ordinary.

It can do Behavioral Analytic analysis by learning the normal patterns of users and the devices they use. Patterns outside the normal are flagged such as using different devices than normal or a user working longer hours than typical, or unusual hours implying a change to a pattern of behaviour...

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SharePoint 2016 Preview is available for download

SharePoint 2016 Preview – finally:

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Whats New in SharePoint 2016

So, not much in me trying to trump the mighty Bill Baer and Seth Patton in telling you whats on the horizon for 2016, given their session from Ignite is recorded.  This is the session you need to watch:

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Azure Sexy services

The range of Azure services is growing very rapidly.  A couple of the vast list are really quite interesting indeed if your an IT Pro, or an Enterprise Architect.

Azure HDInsight brings an Apache Hadoop solution to Azure, allowing us to connect data sources like SharePoint (yes – a data source!) to gain value from all of that potential Big Data you have stored within it as a cloud-based data platform, and it can pretty much manage data of any type and any size.

Azure Machine Learning (AML) allows you to easily design, test, operationalize and manage predictive analytic solutions in the cloud.  So, take your data from SharePoint and feed to to Azure for consumption by AML, you can do some really amazing prediction with this tool – and it actually works...

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ExpressRoute in Azure

ExpressRoute is a service that enables you to create private connections between Azure data centers and infrastructure that’s on your premises or in a co-location environment.

A bit like having a dedicated point to point VPN, ExpressRoute connections do not go over the public Internet, and offer more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies and higher security than typical connections over the Internet.

There are two ways to use the ExpressRoute service to establish a private connection to Azure – via an Exchange Provider or via a Network Service Provider. The associated charges are different for these two cases so pay attention.

Its an alternative to Point to Site, or Site to Site without requiring any additional fire-walling infrastructure and without these needing to be in differ...

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Goal Alignment in Hybrid SharePoint

I’m speaking in Wolverhampton next week on the importance of Goal Alignment in successful Hybrid projects, specifically for this talk focused on SharePoint 2013 Hybrid.  I’ll be covering how to introduce disruption by challenging convention, handling people and dealing with drive by management,  Perfect timing to accompany this from Mega on the Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture, 2013.   I like this paper and you should read it.

Some very current messages in this paper, such as “EA practitioners must focus EA efforts first and foremost on delivering business outcomes” and “EA practitioners need to strive to understand the context in which y...

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Access Apps and Language Packs

install SharePoint2013 Server 2013 in your native language – in my case English.

Configure SharePoint for building Access Apps (

Create a new Access App, test it as working

Install a language pack (you should have done this first by the way – not after you had started using SharePoint but we do occasionally consume/partner with other companies and face this stuff).

Created a second Access App and you will find it fails to initiate correctly even although the first app works fine still.

So, SharePoint initially creates a web for the Access-App with the initial locale of your native install whihc in this case is “en-US”...

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I’m speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2014

The European SharePoint Conference is less than three weeks away and I’m delighted to be part of such an exceptional line up. The conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain from the 5-8th May 2014 and is Europe’s largest SharePoint event bringing you great sessions and the latest innovations from Vegas.

Browse through the superb conference programme including 110 sessions, keynotes, and tutorials, including topics covering the latest news from SPC14 including what’s new with SharePoint 2013 SP1 – Office Graph/Oslo – new Office 365 REST APIs – Access Apps – Cloud Business Apps.

I will be conducting two sessions on “Lessons Learned to Avoid the Pitfalls of Failed SharePoint Projects” and “Bring Your Own Device, Or Bring Your Own Disaster”.

“Lessons Learned to Avoid the Pitfal...

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Office Web Apps and IOS7 Keyboard Crash

Running Office Web Apps with IOS7. Expect a few issues! When you access a SharePoint 2013 site and want to edit a MS Word document the documents opens but you cannot insert text through the ipad virtual keyboard.

It seems that the recent upgrade to IOS 7 causes problems for the Word Office Web Apps 2013 Editor and crashes the virtual keyboard. A Dec 2013 CU for SP2013/OWA2013 is in the pipeline but if you like many cannot wait then perhaps test using the iphone office mobile app on ipad as a workaround. The app is compatible with iPhone 4 and up, and with the 3rd generation iPad and up and the iPad mini too.

Its not as feature rich as office web apps is, and you will need to 2X the app as you do with most phone app...

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Task List Column Permissions

Let’s say you have a task list with 5 column names say Task Name, Start Date, End Date, Status, % Complete.  When a task for a resource us assigned they should be able to modify only Status and % Complete, he should not be able to modify the name start date or End Date.  Given your in Office 365 you are ideally looking for a no-code solution.

Look to jquery. Copy the below script to a content editor web part and add that web part to the edit item form of your task list by editing the edit form page.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

$(document).ready(function() {

$(‘input[title=”Client Name”]’).attr(‘readonly’, true);
$(‘input[title=”Community Name”]’).attr(‘readonly’, true);


Here “Client Name” and “Community Name” are the fields display names on the form, which you do not wa...

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